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  • Welcome to Beeb’s new site. I hope you enjoy it! Submit a comment and we will make sure to add it to the list!

    Josh Ogle

    1:27 am

  • Hi Beeb great to see you are still doing what you obviously love to do so much. I’ve been an LRB fan from the 70s. Love quite a few LRB tracks but my fave LRB track has to be Long Way There the album version. Still does it for me, it’s just one of those really special pieces of music. It also helps that the album was me and my wife’s ‘courtship’ days and we’ve now being married 32yrs! Been trying to work out the guitar work any help with chords etc would be appreciated. Really great that LRB has touched so many people. I remember sticking to my LRB musical choices when the peer pressure was on to go all punk in England. All the very best to you in all that you do and the same to all the other LRB members.

    Glenn Hazelhurst

    11:47 pm

  • ANTOGAI I must thank you! I know it’s been a while. I apologize to get back with you so late. Do you remember me telling you that me and my sister wanted a love spell and beauty spell done. I chose you and my sister chose another psychic. Well to update you I been attracting more men than I can count with that love and beauty spells you casted. But, my sister is so jealous, because it’s been 5 months now and no results for her and the other psychic or spell caster she chose didn’t help her. I told her to have you to help her. Well hopefully this time she will listen to me. I’m living proof that your spells work!” thanks


    6:42 am

  • Great website!


    3:22 pm

  • wow! Beeb;impreessive! love the ” select skin” we have all done so many different things musically.
    i’m in the process of designing a rick brewer site called RickBrewerWith: to showcase all the different genres i play in.and to promote the new cds coming out ie worlds 1st techno drummer[no loops real unique drum sounds etc]

    Malcolm w Brewer

    12:55 am

  • love the new website and congratulations on Zoot getting back together which i hope the shows go well and let’s hope for many Australian fans see the Zoot tour Australia which would be great


    12:48 pm

  • Beeb, Great to trawl through the website and rekindle some great memories trust things are well with you

    Peter and Linda

    Peter McLean

    2:19 pm

  • Hi Beeb,
    Like the new website, very slick.
    I’m hoping the reformation of Zoot will lead to a tour Downunder…The ZOOTS ROOTS Tour.
    best wishes

    Milton Hammon

    1:55 am

  • Hi Beeb. I’m a huge fan of your songwriting and I’ve tracked down two of your compositions on two soundtracks,
    “Down On Down On Down” from “Heaven Tonight” and “Dreams” from Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. Are there any more of your songs available on soundtracks?

    Billy Johnson

    11:02 pm

  • Hey Billy, thanks for signing my guest book.
    I just read your comment. As far as I know they are the only 2 songs used in movie soundtracks. Of course Little River Band songs are used in movies all the time.


    Beeb Birtles

    12:52 pm

  • Hey Beeb, I’m listening to driven by dreams that you sent me years ago. I have thought about you and the family often. we miss you here in Jefferson city. hope all is well
    and to here from you sometime.
    Blessings, Trent Porter

    Trent Porter

    8:11 pm

  • Hi there Trent,

    I’m sitting here with Debbie and Norman talking about you.
    Great to hear that Modern Litho is going great guns! Sorry about the non reply. I must have overlooked your entry.

    Best wishes from Beeb.

    Beeb Birtles

    2:45 pm

  • Hi Beeb, I’ve been a fan if your work through all the bands – from ZOOT to LRB. Like you, I was born in Amsterdam and moved to Adelaide when I was 11 – except it was 1970! I wad into music and bands at school though never did anything – one of my classmates and goid friends was Warwick Hornby, who still plays bass with The Whitlams – the only one who ‘made it’! Keep on making music! Regards,
    Rene Kling

    Rene Kling

    9:47 am

  • Hello Beeb 🙂
    I am looking forward to meeting you on the cruise ship Destiny in November….and I am so excited that Zoot are perfoming on the cruise..yayyyyyyy
    I was on the Rick and friends cruise last year, which was amazing but this year, oh my, hang on to the hand rails, this boat is going to rock! See you there , cheers, x

    Sandra McLuckie

    3:37 pm

  • I thought – it was about time to organise a phoneinterview about your backgrounder – sort of bio – let me know if this can be arranged.


    3:50 am

  • Yvon, where do you live? You can email me at the comcast address.

    Beeb Birtles

    1:00 pm

  • Hey Gerard,

    De hartelijke groeten uit Holland en enorm respect voor wat je bereikt hebt….!!!

    Groet, Erik


    1:24 am

  • Erik, are you my cousin’s son from Assendelft in Holland?
    I’d like to get in touch with you if possible.

    Beeb Birtles

    8:49 pm

  • Hey Beeb

    I followed you guys when you were with LRB! had a little crush on you when I was young! You still look Hot, thirty years later; you must be working out or something! Anyways, I was on You Tube and was watching some of your live performances and realized how much i missed you guys! Are you touring anytime soon in the Los Angeles area? Take care!


    7:56 am

  • Hi Beeb,
    thank`s for contact in Facebook.I´m a big LRB fan.
    Looking always for music clips or interviews in Internet.
    many greetings from germany.


    2:53 pm

  • Hello Beeb,

    I am the girl who bought you the glass of wine on the Destiny cruise ship. I just want to thank you for such an awesome experience! Zoot was fantastic, your singing of Night Owls has given me a new favorite song. You are such a genuine, sincere gentleman and it was a highlight of my trip having you come over and speak with my friends and me. Your family is beautiful too. I can’t express the impression you left on me. I hope you and the Zoot boys tour together soon. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


    4:22 pm

  • Hi Beeb:

    What a pleasure it was meeting you while on Rick’s cruise last week. I cannot thank you enough for being part of such a wonderful event. Having you, and the other members of Zoot perform with Rick, was such a wonderful experience that was truly enjoyed by all on board.
    I hope your participation is the beginning of many more years of Rick related events where you can share your incredible musical talent with everyone who loves Rick.
    You might remember, I am the “girl from Texas” who coined the phrase. “Rickstrailia”.
    Please know how much I truly thank you for taking the time to participate in Rick’s cruise. You’re an amazing and talented artist to whom I am grateful for the chance to have met.

    George West, TX

    Suzette Caron

    7:58 pm

  • Beeb!! My 9 year old and I met you on the cruise. We loved Zoot! Thanks for the kindness you showed the kid. It was lovely to visit with you and we look forward to more great things to come from Zoot. 😉

    Kind regards,
    Draper, UT


    1:20 am

  • Hi Beeb,
    Thank you for the wonderful vacation on the Rick Springfield and Friends Cruise. I felt completely honored to be a part of the reunion. You guys had an amazing chemistry and sounded like you never stopped playing with one another. I think we need to start petitioning for a tour!

    Thanks for being such a gentleman and taking time for photos and autographs. You made the trip special and one to remember!

    All the best!
    Terri Rehder
    Gilbert, AZ

    Terri Rehder

    3:03 am

  • Hi Beeb, just looking at your new web site, looks great, alot of history there. Brings back alot of good memories we had with JohD’Arcy, he was a great guy.
    Glad to hear the cruise went well, loved to have been there. Lets catch up when your next back in little ol Adelaide

    Ted Higgins

    11:33 pm

  • Holy mackerel, Beeb! I could ask you about 100 questions about life, LRB, etc. I used the sing the “Beeb” parts in my friend’s band as we sang LRB songs in ’82!

    Question #1: On “Lonesome Loser,” do the BGV’s drop out on the second half of the work “beaten [by the Queen of Hearts every time]”? Sounds like Glenn is the only one who carries it through the phrase. Maybe it’s just me…

    You look great and we love you in California!

    Rob Biagi

    9:35 am

  • Hi Rob, the backing vocals on “Lonesome Loser” don’t drop out. It sounds that way because when you sing the word “beaten” you kind of lose the end of the word. I’m pretty sure that this is one of the few choruses we sang that we triple tracked to get that big vocal sound. I hope this answers your question.

    Beeb Birtles

    4:24 pm

  • Beeb: Just last night on my way home from work I was listening to a CD I made from a radio program I taped in 1984. It was a concert LRB did at Universal Ampitheatre in Southern California. LRB has always been my favorite group and your songs and vocals (along with Glenn and Graeham) really make it!! I’m so glad my brother told me about your new website.

    Michael P. Biagi

    3:18 pm

  • Hi Beeb

    What happened to BSG? I love Full Circle & the tour/concerets you did in Aus. I was hoping ti was going to continue. I thought there were also plans for a US tour. Very little mention of BSG too on this new web site. Pity you were sounding great together.



    9:10 am

  • Tony, “Full Circle” was never released in the U.S. because of the ongoing legal problems concerning the Little River Band name. For the same reason it became difficult to interest promoters for us to tour. I decided not to mention more about BSG on my web site because it may be a dead issue.
    But who knows what the future holds?

    Beeb Birtles

    11:36 pm

  • Hi Beeb,
    I’m still in Cornwall UK with the memories of the LRB keeping me going 🙂
    Your ‘Light of Day’ song seems to be timeless and still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand out when I play it to people on the keyboard. My two (James and Matthew) have flown the nest now and my wife and I moved to somewhere a little further out from ‘normality’ to a place with 6 acres for the horses/chicken and a few sheep.
    Very Best Wishes to you and your family (‘like this new site by the way)


    1:37 pm

  • Hi there Beeb,
    I still haven’t come down from cloud 9384756!!!
    Meeting you on the Rick Springfield and Friends cruise in November 2011, participating in Zoot Q & A time, having my picture taken with you and being able to speak to you, listen to you perform Night Owl AND if that all wasn’t enough, watch the best concert – ZOOT – perform – WOW! Words can not truely express what I feel.
    I certainly hope it doesn’t stop there for ZOOT. Although if it did, I feel very priviledged that I was there in that “time warp”, we were all at the concert in our teens again.
    Now you know it is not far for you to jet down to Cancun where Rick and friends are heading this year – wink wink –
    The one thing I forgot to bring on the cruise, that I wanted you to sign, was my old TV Week pinup I have of you and the boys in MISSISSIPPI – now you have to come to Cancun 😉
    Thanks so much Beeb for an amazing experience.

    Sandra McLuckie, Pascoe Vale, Victoria, Australia

    7:46 pm

  • Hi Beeb,
    It’s been a while since I’ve listened to LRB but on the last couple of days I am reminded why I loved the music. “It’s A Long Way There” was instrumental to me while learning to play guitar as a kid. Now some 30 years later I pull this record out and it brings back those memories of when music was still a very new, and powerful, influence. Thank you, and the band, for providing it!

    Lou Hudson, CA, USA

    4:46 am

  • Hello Beeb. I have a comment and a question. Love LRB stuff esp. live. Middleman is my personal favorite. Good reminder to me very often. That leads to the question. Where might I , if at all find guitar chords for this song.


    5:07 am

  • Hello Frank,

    Send me your email address and I’ll email you the chords to Middle Man.


    Beeb Birtles

    3:07 pm

  • Wow! I can’t believe it! Thank you so much! I looked everywhere for these and was even willing to pay for them, but I could not find them. This song was very instrumental in my life with regards to my salvation. Thanks again for you kindness. I am sure you must very busy and for you to take the time to do this is just great!
    Frank /


    4:41 pm

  • Hi Beeb,
    As one of the neighborhood kids I used to listen to ZOOT rehearse. Zoot along with their music and these rehearsals are still talked about even today especially on the Facebook page of the Netley Primary School Group….I was also wondering if you remembered a small Netley business by the name of Rite Amplifiers which was just down the road from where you lived.


    3:34 pm

  • Hi Karen,

    I’ve tried to search for Netley Primary School Group but nothing comes up on Facebook for me.
    Don’t recall Rite Amplifiers either.


    Beeb Birtles

    11:21 pm

  • Ever since that first chance hearing of Diamantina Cocktail at a friends house (it was his older brothers record), LRB has been a constant musical companion. Not being an Australian, I have often wondered about a few recurring terms in LRB lyrics. In fact, a post from Frank asked you for the chords to Middleman, and I always wondered what or who is a “middleman”? The term is also used in the song I Dream Alone (as if I need to tell you that). Anyway, Happy anniversary to you and Donna and here to hoping the Its a Long Way There DVD will someday be released……..


    Craig Taylor

    11:49 pm

  • Hi Beeb,do you remember me?We had a conversation on facebook a couple of months ago.We both are from Amsterdam.The DJ living in Morocco?Anyhow I finally managed to upload the CD I told you about at that time.If you’re interested please go,and then:Danny2,the CD is called:Supertramp Retrospectacle (Pop Rock) you’ll find it on page 2 of the list.I don’t know how long it’ll take to download.I think it’s an interesting site for sharing music.If you for example check where they download stuff you’d be surprised…This particular “Blend” for example has been downloaded 5 times and has been listened to 39 times until this very moment (22.2.2012) which in it self is astonishing,in view of the fact that practically everything you’ll find is House/Techno/Tribal etc.
    PS:Don’t sue me please….De groeten uit Tanger,veel geluk met je carriere.

    Danny Saner

    5:21 pm

  • Hi Beeb,do you remember me?We had a conversation on facebook a couple of months ago.We both are from Amsterdam,Holland.
    The DJ living in Morocco?Anyhow I finally managed to upload the CD I told you about at that time.
    If you’re interested please go,and then:Danny2,the CD is called:Supertramp Retrospectacle (Pop Rock) you’ll find it on page 2 of the list.I think it might be interesting for you to listen to some of your own Music in a Non-Stop mix together with other Bands and Musicians.There is one Track I’m sure you’ve never heard before.I don’t know how long it’ll take to download.I think it’s an interesting site for sharing music.If you for example check where they download stuff you’d be surprised…This particular “Blend” for example has been downloaded 5 times and has been listened to 39 times until this very moment (22.2.2012) which in it self is astonishing,in view of the fact that practically everything you’ll find on the site is House/Techno/Tribal etc.Check it out…
    PS:Don’t sue me please….Ik wil gewoon met anderen deelen waar ik van houd.De groeten uit Tanger,en veel plezier bij het beluisteren van de CD.

    Danny Saner

    5:42 pm

  • G’Day Beeb, I was working in the EMI art dept. in 1975 when I was told by an A&R man upstairs that they were going to sign an New Australian super group. So I think it was just before lunch when you guys came walking doewn the entrance to EMI to make a right turn to the elevator. The Art Dept was just behind the EMI showroom to your left all glass windows. You guys were very happy. It was a big day And I tried hard to get the nod to design your first album cover. They went with Peter Van Den Elshouts cartoon cover. It was the wrong approach. I had to wait 25 years later to do the Bulldog illustration for the Rhino collection LOL!
    I hope that BSG can record an album of new songs and toss in a smattering of pre LRB tunes that you guys had hits with before. Then call me to design the CD cover 🙂
    I would like to know if you are working on a second Solo album as well. Just wonderful tunes , great voice and play your guitar Beeb.
    Cheers cobber. Paul Power in Pacoima USA

    Paul Power

    7:04 pm

  • Hello Paul Power! Thanks for getting in touch with me and your entry will make a very interesting fact to add to the memoirs I’ve been writing for the past 4 – 5 years. You gave me Peter’s name and of course yours as well. I was working on releasing a bunch of demos I recorded between 1983 and 1990 but aborted the idea because I would rather hear them with today’s recording technology.
    However, still playing my guitar and working on new songs. What are you doing in Pacoima?

    Regards from Beeb.

    Beeb Birtles

    2:22 pm

  • Beeb, could you please help me figure out how to play “reminiscing” on guitar, especially the intro. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    chris wiencek

    3:12 am

  • Chris, my suggestion is to ask Graeham who wrote the song. His web site address is

    Good luck!


    Beeb Birtles

    1:14 pm

  • Hi Beeb,
    Though familiar with the music of LRB (I was born in 1962 in Zaandam, Holland), I really started to appreciate it last year, when I was in Australia and drove many miles with my family listening to, amongst others, ‘It’s a long way there’. Which it was…. Anyway, now it’ll stay forever in my head, probably.
    Thanks for the many times I enjoyed your music!
    Any suggestions where I might find the tabs/music from your solo’s, since I play myself a bit?
    Albert Jan

    Albert Jan de Rooij

    8:49 am

  • Hello Albert Jan,

    Can’t help you with the tabs/music for solos as I didn’t play them. LRB’s lead guitarists were Ric Formosa, David Briggs and Stephen Housden. Try searching LRB guitar solos on Google.


    Beeb Birtles

    1:51 pm

  • Hi Beeb,
    Thanks for your reply. I’ll take a look around. Always thought you also played these solo’s. Where you on the bass guitar back then or did you play rhythm guitar? Anyway, great that you took the time to reply, I’ll tell my wife who is a great fan of LRB I was in contact with the one and only Beeb!
    cheers, Albert Jan

    Albert Jan de Rooij

    11:29 am

  • Hi Albert Jan,

    I only played bass guitar when I was in ZOOT. When the band broke up in 1971 I switched to playing six string guitars and started writing my first songs. In Little River Band I played rhythm guitar and some dual lead guitar parts and of course I was part of the vocal harmonies.


    Beeb Birtles

    12:35 pm

  • Hi Beeb,
    Thanks again for your reply. Sorry about the delay of this answer, but due to filters your site is blocked at work. Must be because of the picture of Zoot (naked bums)…. Unbelievable, don’t you think so!?
    Anyway, I’m trying to puzzle out the solo of ‘Its a long way there’ myself now, but I will try to find the site of Rick Formosa one of these days.
    Btw: what made you leave Australia? Don’t you miss it? Ever came back to Holland?
    Cheers, Albert Jan

    Albert Jan

    2:33 pm

  • We love you in Belgium !


    al strada

    7:42 am

  • Hi Beeb,
    I remember watching you in LRB backing up Charlie Daniels Band at Festival Hall in Melbourne in the 70’s. Then when John Farnham fronted LRB at Collendina Hotel Ocean Grove in 1982. On both occasions using my Nikon camera with a telephoto lens to get individual photos of the band. I wondered if the complimentary photos and accompanying letter I gave to Glen Shorrock got to you, after his concert at The Loft Deakin Waterfront Geelong, in Sept 2006. If they didn’t email back and I’ll send a second copy to you. My CD collection contains Mississippi, LRB and BSG showing I’m a long time fan. I still remember sitting at Costa Hall 3rd Row centre stage without a camera in December 2003 listening to BSG and enjoying the music. No, I don’t play in a band but I get the buzz out of taking photos and hearing real music and brilliant harmonies. Thanks for the music & memories. Regards Darryl Henry.

    Darryl Henry

    6:41 am

  • Hello Darryl,

    I don’t think I received a letter and photos from Glenn. I’d love to see them. If you’re on Facebook why don’t you friend me? I can privately message you my street address.
    Very pleased to hear you love the music and the harmonies!

    Regards from Beeb.

    Beeb Birtles

    2:52 pm

  • Hi Beeb,
    Thanks for the reply. I will start a facebook page and contact in the near future. Regards Darryl

    Darryl Henry

    4:58 am

  • Great Website

    Darryl Henry

    6:49 am

  • Hi Beeb,
    Thanks for the reply. I will start a facebook page and contact in the near future. Regards Darryl

    Darryl Henry

    6:20 am

  • Blast from the past, zoot days. Very pleased to here that you are well and enjoying life. Saddened and shocked to here about darryl’s illness. Warm regards, Kim.


    10:17 am

  • Hi Beeb, Love your website. Just wanted to say I’m sorry to hear about your great mate Darryl. I’m so glad to hear you are supporting him as all good mates do. My love and prayers are sent with this email to him and his family and to you and yours. I was a fan back in the 70’s and even appeared on the Zoot reunion show – (early bird show), I have since uploaded it to you tube as I still had it on tape. I also have a couple of photos of you from the Jolly Roger boat trip the fans took with you back in the 70’s and I’d love to send them to you – if you’d like them. Take care now and much aussie love to you and yours. Rhonda (Melbourne, Australia).


    12:07 pm

  • good to hear from you Beeb. hope you and the family are doing great. Darla and I were planning on going on the cruise for her 50th bday and had somethings come up. hope you are planning another cruise. we would love see you and catch up.
    have a great summer.

    Trent Porter

    3:44 pm

  • Hi Beeb,
    I can stop watching the video Reminiscing…you are a great fashion inspiration for me right now. Any back story on your outfit for that video?

    Graciela Ronconi

    4:54 am

  • Graciela,

    I remember buying the hat and cardigan at a shop in the city of Sydney where I bought a lot of my clothes at the time. I can’t recall the name of the shop but I remember being served by a lovely South African woman who was dating Zoot’s first manager, Wayne DeGruchy at the time.
    amazing what you can remember from your past, isn’t it?


    Beeb Birtles

    11:07 pm

  • Hi Beeb,
    Thanks for your reply. I also have to compliment you on the house / set interiors for the Reminiscing video….I’m partial to the 70s does 30s /40s aesthetic.
    Thanks for putting up with my obsession of Reminiscing.


    4:24 am

  • Hi Beeb, can you tell me if the Zoot reunion is going to be released on DVD at all. I was so hoping to see you all together again in Australia. Sadly this just wasn’t meant to be. Thanks, Vera


    12:04 pm

  • Dear Beeb:

    I was on youtube listening to all of the LRB songs from my youth. LRB was always my favorite band every since I was about 14 on with “Help is on its way”. I can still remember hearing it in the car. I grew up near St. Louis Missouri and now reside in Bowling Green Kentucky. I noticed that you live in Nashville. Would love to see you guys do a few dates in the US instead of the revolving impostors. Feel free to email me if you personally or the band is ever playing in Nashville.

    Kraig Moore

    1:35 am

  • Hi Beeb,
    Can I purchase a CD copy of Driven By Dreams for my collection to go alongside Mississippi & LRB Cd’s. What’s the best way? I am now on facebook if you wish to friend me, so I can send you the photos & poster I promised you when we last communicated in June this year.
    Regards Darryl

    Darryl Henry

    4:14 am

  • Darryl,

    I looked for you on Facebook but couldn’t find you because there are too many people with the same name.

    Regards from Beeb.

    Beeb Birtles

    12:50 pm

  • Beeb,
    My email address is :-
    Hope this makes it easier.

    Darryl Henry

    7:34 am

  • Hi Beeb, I have seen most of the LRB & BSG shows performed in Melbourne Australia. Having just attended the concert for Daryl 2 nights ago its made me reminisce about how the Twilights, Axiom, Zoot, Missisippi and LRB have influenced my musical taste to this day, the show the other night was amazing Daryl would have been proud.


    8:20 am

  • Hi Beeb, just attended the concert for Daryl 2 nights go what a night & show, there is such a need for these types of shows ( heritage shows) I have loved all that music you have made from Zoot, Missisippi & LRB, Axiom, Twilights are my biggest influences thanks to you and Glenn, Graeme and all the other LRB members to numerous to mention.


    8:27 am

  • Hi Beeb
    Hope your well. had some contact lately with Graheam Goble, you guys were awesome in LRB and later with Birtles shorrock goble, do you keep in contact with Derek Prllicci and Shorrock etc, after a very rewarding band as LRB just wondered if you keep in touch? do you think you may all get together for a one off gig?
    Best Regards
    Geoff UK


    4:48 pm

  • Hello Beeb !
    Are there any plans for a second solo CD, maybe together with Graeham Goble ??

    Matthias Stey

    11:54 am

  • Mr. Birtles,
    Thanks so much for all the great music that I’ve enjoyed through the years, as I grew up in the 70’s and lots of LRB! I got the see the band when they came through my hometown of Cumberland, MD on The Net tour…fabulous!I’ve been making my living playing music for over 30 years now (I’m a guitarist), and harmonies are an essential part of the music that I enjoy. If LRB doesn’t personify that art, I don’t know what does. I’ve seen in the videos online that you’ve played numerous guitars onstage, so I trust that you have a nice collection of them. Any particular favorite ones?
    I’ve looked on your site but can’t seem to find a place to purchase an autograph, so if there’s any way that I can do so, I’d greatly appreciate that info, please.
    Thanks for all and I wish the best for you and yours.
    Dean Cramer
    17343 Legacy Terrace
    Round Hill, VA
    20141 USA

    Dean Cramer

    9:53 am

  • Hallo Gerard Beeb Birtles.
    I am Daan Bertelkamp and i found your website on Google, because i heard from my parents that my uncle was emigrated to Australia and so i found you. I never knew that you were playing in the Little River Band, i’ve seen some clips on Youtube and love the songs by the way. I play guitar myself it’s a bit in the family! If you are interested i can mail you some family-pictures. I’d like to hear from you.
    With kind regards,
    Daan Bertelkamp

    Daan Bertelkamp

    7:33 pm

  • Hello Daan,

    I’m curious to hear whose son you are? Why don’t you friend me on Facebook and I’ll send you my email address?

    All the best from Beeb.

    Beeb Birtles

    9:08 pm

  • Hi Beeb,

    Was a big fan in the day and still listen to the great songs, Thanks. One of my favorite songs is Red Shoes. I can’t find that it was ever recorded in studio. The only version I can find in on Backstage Pass. Also can’t find the details of where it was recorded. At the start of the song it sounds like you are saying something about Utah which is interesting to me because I live in Utah. Can you tell me anything more about why the song isn’t on a studio recording and any other details.

    Thanks, Gib

    Gib Larons

    4:02 am

  • Hi Gib,

    Thanks for signing my guest book. “Red Shoes” was only recorded as a live song, the same with “I Don’t Worry No More” because they happened to be songs we were playing live at the time. I guess the band didn’t think those particular songs were strong enough to get recorded for a future album. That’s the only explanation I can give you. “Backstage Pass” was a great live album!


    Beeb Birtles

    11:59 pm

  • Hey Beeb
    Have always loved the original LRB. Saw BSG in 2003 and WOW what an awesome experience!!!
    I love your album Driven by Dreams!!! Thank you for making that available through itunes!! Just heard (and bought) your latest two singles on itunes. WOW!! You have an incredible gift man!!! Please keep sharing that gift and making it available… looking forward to hearing more from you.
    all the best


    10:17 am

  • Hi Beeb,
    Hope all is well and you are having a good year. I was listening to some of your music and made me think I should email and see how everyone is doing. hope you can find your way north this year visiting the in laws. would love to visit again. one of my best treasures is the backtage pass collectors tape you gave me. very proud of it. take care be blessed, Trent

    Trent Porter

    6:16 pm

  • Hi there Trent,

    We are all doing well. Donna and I plan to take a road trip to visit the family sometime in the middle of this year. Other than that we’re keeping a pretty busy pace. Thanks for signing my guestbook. All the best to you and your family.

    Regards from Beeb.

    Beeb Birtles

    3:28 pm

  • Beeb,

    I became a fan of LRB in the late seventies because of your songs. You were one of the few artists in those days unashamed to put your personal faith into your lyrics and as a young man, listening to a lot of music, you had an impact. I know at times you took heat for that but the songs were amazing and still are. I’m struck by how your voice is unchanged even today. Beautiful harmonies. I was so glad to get to hear you, Graham and Glenn reunited a few years back.

    Warm regards!


    Matt Hall

    3:25 am

  • Beeb,

    I became a fan of LRB in the late seventies because of your songs. You were one of the few artists in those days unashamed to put your personal faith into your lyrics and as a young man, listening to a lot of music, you had an impact. I know at times you took heat for that but the songs were amazing and still are. I’m struck by how your voice is unchanged even today. Beautiful harmonies. I was so glad to get to hear you, Grahaem and Glenn reunited a few years back.

    Warm regards!


    Matt Hall

    3:31 am

  • Mr. Birtles- After watching some Little River Band videos from their halcyon days (like “Help is on its way”), I think I finally understand what set you all apart from all the other bands that have come (and gone) over the years. You guys were nice! No songs glorifying drugs, no fist fights, no trashed hotel rooms. Just positive , uplifting songs that leave you with a good feeling inside. Music you hoped your children would one day appreciate and enjoy as much as you did. How many bands can you say that about? Very few I imagine. It also says alot that you’ve remained friends with Glenn and Graeham. By the way, did you know there was another band named Mississippi in the early ’70’s? One of its members was Bruce Blackman, and when they were offered a recording contract, the record company, knowing of your band made them choose another name. They changed their name to Starbuck and had the hit “Moonlight Feels Right”. Are there other artists you would like to work with… how about Broderick Smith? He’s Australia’s answer to Bruce Springsteen. Best Regards, Jonathan Francis

    Jon Francis

    9:32 pm

  • Mr Birtles- Do you ever grant interviews? I can’t seem to find anything online that was recorded after about 1981. For better or worse alot of your fans from the LRB days are curious about a number of things; but I guess you could be sick of talking about it all by now. On a related note- did a friend or family member happen to record your appearance on Australian TV at the ARIA awards ? If so, I hope you’d consider posting it on online. It may be a long time before you appear again with the original lineup from LRB. How did it feel seeing your old mates after so long?On a lighter note… after living in the States for two decades, do you ever catch yourself saying something like “No worries” , “Good on you, mate”, or my all-time favorite…”Shrimps on the barbie!”? Best Regards, Jonathan Francis

    Jon Francis

    8:20 pm

  • Hi Jonathan,

    I do interviews every now and then when people request them. I’m actually doing a radio interview with a community radio station in Bega, N.S.W. tomorrow. There’s also a Dutch television crew heading my way to video me and talk about Little River Band songs. I never tire of talking about the old Little River Band days except when I am asked about the loss of the name.
    Regarding the ARIA awards performance, I think there’s a post from someone on Youtube. It was an honor for us all to be inducted into the ARIA Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    And as to your last question even though I still sound Australian it’s rare that I would come out with Aussie sayings like you wrote. I hope that answers your all your questions?

    All the best from Beeb.

    Beeb Birtles

    11:53 am

  • Hi again Beeb. I know you didn’t write “Help Is On Its Way,” but…were those COOL key-changes/modulations Glenn’s idea (did he come up with those originally?), or did you or the producer or somebody else suggest those? (they give an amazing LIFT into the choruses).

    All you guys made SUCH great contributions to the LRB sound and style; I just figured you helped each other out arranging and producing…

    Blessings, – Rob B.

    Rob Biagi

    2:14 am

  • Rob,

    It was Glenn’s idea to modulate between the two keys but the breakdown for the middle eight would have been the band’s idea. I love the way the song moves into the guitar solo out of the middle eight. Very powerful song to play live.
    Once a writer’s song was chosen it became a band arrangement with everyone contributing their ideas to it.

    Regards from Beeb.

    Beeb Birtles

    1:13 pm

  • Hi Beeb – I read that Graeham G. is experimenting with different spiritual perspectives. LRB songs like “Fall From Paradise,” “The Rumor,” and your “Guiding Light” seemed overtly Christian to me. Where are you with your spiritual walk these days?

    I ask partly because God used “Guiding Light” to bring me to tears on a run two weeks ago…powerful song!

    – Rob

    Rob Biagi

    3:10 pm

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